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The application area is located on the island of Mindoro and  Palawan, two of the numerous islands of the Philippines. The lives of the people has a very poor rural character. With occasional work in rice farming or fishing, the people can indeed survive but there is a lack of support for  medical care.Near the village of Conception in Ragara Resort situated in the South China Sea, a small group visited the Philippine healer, Lino Guinsad. Carried away by the idea of creating a health center for the local population, a year later, a group of dentists and assistants travelled to this place again. The birth of today's relief project!

In their luggage was a case with dental "jungle fitting" basic Cutlery: flashlights, swabs, tongs, levers, medicines and disinfectants. In January 1999, they started under the most primitive conditions to make the first dental treatments. This activity was limited to pulling out sick teeth on a simple garden chair under the palm trees and the stars. Half a year later and after that regularly once a year, a continuous growing group of colleagues and volunteers traveled to the island. The "Jungle practice facility" consists now of two rocking chairs, which serve as treatment chairs and an old dental field unit of the Bundeswehr.

Treatments are now given on a terrace covered  with bamboo and with the temporary luxury of electricity and water. Daily 150-200 Filipino patients are taken care of. They come after long marches, by boat or jeepney from the surrounding villages. Up to now with the lack of appropriate technical equipment it is only possible to work surgical not preservative for the teeth. For three years, the project was actively supported by dental technicians. The production of simple prostheses is a major challenge under the prevailing tropical conditions, but is rewarded with deep gratitude of the happy people. Medium term we are trying to accomplish prophylaxis in schools and educational advertising in addition to the emergency dental keeping operations.

All helpers are volunteers and bear the costs of travel and material itself. For future trips we ask for active assistance. Besides material and material donations we also urgently need funds for further acquisitions.

The smallest amount contributes to achieve BIG things.

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