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Welcome on the webpage of Kyklos – Dental e.V.

We are a charitable registered club. Our major task in the meaning of § 53 “Abgabeordnung” is to show humanitarian endeavor of service for the less fortunate and indigenous people in the so called third world.

The measures refer to the delegation of doctors and volunteer helpers for an operation limited in time to less medically supplied areas. The project is dedicated to the assistance in development aid, the medical provision, in particular the healthcare and help through dentists, dental technicians and general medicine.

We want to provide some useful information about the project on the island Mindoro and Palawan

to get you carried away by the idea of “helping”.

Since 1998 a group of dentists and dental technicians is traveling as development aid workers to the Philippines for around 3 weeks per year.

If you have any suggestions, questions or wish to have more information about the project, don’t hesitate to contact us under


Our executive comittee consists of 4 members


Dr.Birgit Kühne                     1 president                  Tel.: 0049/30/6772978

Rüdiger Harsdorf        2 president/treasurer      Tel.:0049/30/54376053

Nadja Marquez              board member

Petra Harsdorf                board member


practice at palawan


practice at mindoro

as shall i member

ours statute

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